marzo 5, 2018

Rest & Meditation


It all starts out with the cliché, just be in the moment… but actually lets find out what being in the moment really is and how this entirely affect us.

This moment is just relaxation, the smooth way that the body is supossed to be on to endure our day to day basics. This can be related to our parasymphatetic nervous system and the state that bring to us while in homeostasis (stage of physiological calmness). It all goes to the chemicals released from your brain so you can feel the way you are thinking, we perceive reality based on how we are chemically feeling, it can either be as a physiological calmness or as chemicals that create disturbance that can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Over time, repeated activation of this chemicals that disturb our system takes a toll on the body.

 Research suggests that “chronic stress contributes to high blood pressure, promotes the formation of artery-clogging deposits. More preliminary research suggests that chronic stress may also contribute to obesity, both through direct mechanisms (causing people to eat more) or indirectly (decreasing sleep and exercise)”.

Even though we just usually need to active partially this disturbance chemicals, most of the time they are constantly activating the symphatetic system troughout the day, for many emotional responses that we create, as a result of our connection with the former environment.

But why focusing on the tragedy of our system evolution, where we can see what actually can be beneficial for us, and help us to stay in that state constantly… This is how mindfulness and meditation practices comes into play.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are”.

– Chinese Proverb

Go-to-guide to improve your meditation skills.

As you know, it will all be depending on yourself, but why not making easier adding the right tools to our conciousness, so it can work easily without us pretty much involved in the process, time is precious exactly because it extremely shape us… let’s get to work for the first times to get the habit, and after that I promise you it would be mostly unnoticed. 

We are a world as itself so just relax and find your way, the key here is to expand your conciousness (try and learn through new experiences, broad your perspective), whatever that drivens you to explore deeper or broader, why not trying? Time is clocking. You will be amazed to how much we can grow if we choose to evolve rather than remain. Here are some tools and recommendations that could actually help you to create this habit. 


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